April 7, 2008

Ultimate Ow

Sunday April 6, 2008
10AM BUDA Spring Hat League Game
Fernald School, Waltham, MA
Weather: 40 F, Cloudy, Windy
Field: damp
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Spring BUDA started up yesterday. It was a pretty good game. Somehow Brian and I ended up on different teams playing eachother and my team won. I actually felt ok during the game. I wore the knee brace and had some discomfort in my upper thigh/groin area. However, everything tightened up rather quickly after the game and I woke up this morning barely able to use that muscle at all making it difficult to walk. I must have strained it and from the looks of it I'll be sidelined for at least a week or two.


Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 30
Total Hours Played: 33

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