April 2, 2008

Ultimate Annoyance

Wednesday April 2, 2008
12PM Pick-up game
Mitre Fields, Burlington, MA
Weather: 40 F, Sunny, Very Windy
Field: dry grass
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Strange. I took a week off from ultimate and maintained a basically daily regimen of icing, stretching, and strengthening exercises for my knee. I think the specific strengthening exercises that I'm doing is having a temporarily negative effect because my knee bothered me quite a bit today. The symptoms are similar to ITBS which is odd because that is usually only common in distance runners (not sports that involve a lot of sprinting).

I will keep monitoring it and possibly go back to wearing the knee brace on Friday.

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 29
Total Hours Played: 31

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