February 4, 2008

Ultimate Twice

Monday February 4, 2008
12PM Pick-up game
Mitre Fields, Burlington, MA
Weather: 42 F, Cloudy, Calm
Field: muddy
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Monday February 4, 2008
7PM BUDA Hat League game
John Smith Sports Center, Milford, MA
Weather: Indoors
Field: turf
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

With business travel and jet-lag tying up my time over the past week, I haven't been able to play ultimate in over a week. In hind sight it was probably good for me to heal up my shin split issues a little by taking a week off from the fields. Over the week, I continued my stretching and strengthening exercises for my feet and lower legs and they have improved quite a bit. Honestly I think the biggest help was buying new "everyday" sneakers and putting Superfeet in them. They feel great.

In any case, onto the games. Today I played twice. The first game was my typical lunchtime ultimate game in Burlington. Apparently I've become such a pillar in that game, that all it takes is for me to miss a couple and everyone starts wondering what happened to me. I guess you could say me missing a Burlington game happens about as often as a Patriots loss. Hmmm. In any case it felt good to be back out there. It was different playing on a field without snow.

In addition to that game, I also played in my first BUDA winter league game of the year. Indoors, no wind, dry turf, and some good frisbee talent on our side made for a great game. We won pretty handily.

I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 7
Total Hours Played: 9

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