January 25, 2008

Ultimate Wind

Friday January 25, 2008
12PM Pick-up game
Mitre Fields, Burlington, MA
Weather: 21 F, Sunny, Windy
Field: crunchy snow
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Typically on a day like today, the toughest part about playing ultimate would be the wind. Cold, clear, and a bitter, blustery wind made for a game where almost all of the points were scored going in one direction (with the wind of course). However, today once again, I had a tough time with my arches and shins on my right leg. I did tape up my feet and wear a soft foot and ankle brace, but sometimes I think that causes more problems than it helps. It's extremely difficult to achieve that optimal tape job that both provides support to the arches but also doesn't restrict the normal range of motion of your foot. For the most part this is not a major injury, but it's certainly a real pain (pun intended). I'm currently icing everything down and will be continuing my foot strengthening routine.

In other news, the BUDA indoor winter league teams were announced. Brian and I are on the same team as expected and I'm really looking forward to some indoor ultimate. Besides optimal temperatures and field conditions, the greatest thing about playing indoors is no wind. Every throw is perfect. Unfortunately, though, my business trip out to the west coast to coincides with our first game. Booo!

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 5
Total Hours Played: 7

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