February 18, 2010

Oh LaTeX how you taunt me

Here's a good one. Since I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job, naturally I've been sending resumes out. I've used LaTeX to generate my resume for years now, and it has always worked out quite well. However, today I had a need to print out my resume, and when I did, I noticed that the font seemed slightly too small, and that the right margin seemed a bit too big. It looked fine on the screen in my PDF viewer, but not on the physical printout. Hmm. As it turns out, I accidentally generated the PDF file with A4 size paper and all of the electronic versions I have sent out thus far have been this A4 version. Grrrr!

I must have come across and handled this issue before, but at least on my Ubuntu installation, PDF documents generated by sequential latex, dvips, and ps2pdf commands default to A4 size paper. In order to get the correct US style letter paper, I have to explicitly use the "-t letter" option in dvips. After rooting around a bit, the command "texconfig paper letter" has changed my default system paper size for dvips, dvipdf, xdvi, and hopefully I'll never make this mistake again!

P.S. Metric system? One day we will give in to your logical structure and simple unit conversion. Clearly, though, that day is not today.

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