May 31, 2009

Ultimate Blessing

The events of this weekend and upcoming week are likely a blessing in disguise. You see, I'm on a BUDA spring hat league team and the end of season tournament is today. However, I missed it, because I'm currently in San Francisco preparing for JavaOne (more on that in a later post). Disappointing yes, but there could have been an easy and obvious solution to this problem: participating in yesterday's tournament instead! BUDA's hat leagues are actually split into two leagues, and they each have their own tournament. I could have jumped in with a team and played as a pickup player in yesterday's tournament. I even went so far as to submit my name as a potential pickup player to BUDA so they could contact me if they needed players.

The problem is that I submitted my name kind of late (Friday) so they never got back to me. However, I easily could've still just shown up and jumped in with a team (I did this for last year's summer BUDA hat tournament and it was a blast). Why didn't I though? My hamstring. It's still bothering me, and I'm sure if I had played in either yesterday's or today's tournament then I would have seriously damaged my chances at getting through this summer's super busy ultimate schedule (read: 5 days a week) without an injury incident. So I sat it out yesterday on an absolutely perfect day, and spent today traveling on a plane.

Sigh. Like I said, it's a blessing in disguise. This week I'm at JavaOne all week so I'll be giving my hammy a much needed continuous period of rest. Then next week summer club games startup along with regularly scheduled Burlington lunchtime pickup. Hopefully by then I'll be back to 100%!

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 188
Total Hours Played: 219

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  1. True! Glad you're taking care of your hammy this week. It could be worse - Jim and Michelle signed up for the BUDA league and their captain forgot to register the team into the tournament. No one from the team was allowed to play! Can you believe it!?