October 28, 2008

Ultimate Tournament

Sunday October 26, 2008
9AM BUDA Fall Hat League Tournament
Mitre Fields, Burlington, MA
Weather: 65 F, Partly Sunny
Field: damp
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Sunday's end of the season fall hat league tournament was a long, great day of ultimate as usual. After being beaten in our first two games, we finally rallied to win our last two! It was a tough season this fall with multiple rain outs which made it difficult for our team to get well organized. We really came together in the tournament though and it showed as we were playing clamp-down zone defense and smart, effective offense in those last two games.

Unfortunately, though, my plantar fasciitis has not gone quietly. I've started wearing superfeet inserts in my cleats and normal every day shoes, but it's going to take time before the problem repairs itself. I was able to play at a high level at the tournament, but not without considerable pain and stiffness in my heel. I'm forcing myself (with significant restraint required) to stay off the field for at least this week and possibly next week. In the meantime, I'm going to try and mix in some low impact cross-training as well as stretching and strengthening exercises for my feet and calves.

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 121
Total Hours Played: 145

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