August 11, 2008

Ultimate Tournament

Sunday August 10, 2008
9AM BUDA Summer Hat League Tournament
Moakley Park, South Boston, MA
Weather: 75 F, Partly Sunny
Field: soft and wet
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Yesterday I played in BUDA's end of season summer hat league tournament. Despite not actually being on a summer hat team this year, I went out to the tournament to pickup with any team that was low on numbers. I joined up with a team that had only three women and five men so we were in for a long, grinding day with few subs to help us out.

Our first game we were a bit disorganized and got beaten pretty handily. However, we got it together after that and won our next two games, putting us into the semifinals. With the score tied 8-8, and the hard cap time limit less than a minute away, our opponent scored to go one up in the semifinal game. We failed to tie it up and fell one point short of making it to the finals. Nevertheless, the tournament was great fun and I'm glad I went. I'm feeling a bit sore and bruised today though!

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 83
Total Hours Played: 98

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