August 3, 2008

Ultimate Newcomer

Saturday August 2, 2008
2PM Pick-up game
Hastings Field, Lexington, MA
Weather: 79 F, Showers, Humid
Field: damp
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

On Friday I returned from my always relaxing annual vacation with my family at Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire. The one downside though? Yes. No Ultimate games to be found. Even though I don't typically play in a Saturday game, yesterday I found myself with not much to do, and itching to play (or at least get outside and do something). I took a quick look at BUDA's pickup game listings, and noticed the weekly Saturday Lexington game. I had never played in it before, but it appeared to still be active, so I took a ride down to the field and yes! there was a game.

It was a pretty laid back game. We played 5v5 for a couple hours until rumbles of thunder chased us off the field. It also gave me an opportunity to break in my new cleats (which arrived almost a month after I ordered them. It turns out that Eastbay accidentally sent them to themselves on their first attempt. Nice.)

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 76
Total Hours Played: 88

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