March 17, 2008

Ultimate Program

Monday March 17, 2008
7PM BUDA Hat league game
John Smith Sports Center, Milford, MA
Weather: Indoors
Field: turf
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

I could only manage to go through one ultimate game today instead of my usual two Monday games that I've been playing over the past several weeks. My knee is still bugging me and I think I have it pinned down as runner's knee (although I am not entirely certain). I've been on the ice and ibuprofen program for the past few days and I went with the knee brace today. That seemed to help it track better and I just had some minor discomfort throughout the game. I'm currently icing it down once again, and I'm continuing basic exercises to strengthen the quad muscles.

Sigh. In any case, we had a good game today but couldn't pull it out at the end. I believe there's just one more winter league game before BUDA spring league starts up in a few weeks. Looking forward to it! (of course not forgetting the perpetual Mon, Wed, Fri lunchtime games!)

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 25
Total Hours Played: 27

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