February 12, 2008

Ultimate Cold

Monday February 11, 2008
12PM Pick-up game
TRW Field, Burlington, MA
Weather: 14 F, Sunny, Very windy
Field: couple inches of crunchy snow
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Monday February 11, 2008
7PM BUDA Hat league game
John Smith Sports Center, Milford, MA
Weather: Indoors
Field: turf
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

Yesterday was another two game day. Lunchtime pickup was bitter cold with wind chills around 0 F. Field conditions were actually pretty nice though with crunchy, but not frozen snow cover. I also played my second BUDA winter indoor game of the year. We ended up with a tie. That's all I've got for now...

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 10
Total Hours Played: 12

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