January 16, 2008

Ultimate Snow-ltimate

Wednesday January 16, 2008
12PM Pick-up game
Mitre Fields, Burlington, MA
Weather: 28 F, Clear, Windy
Field: snow, several inches of powder
Perfect conditions for Ultimate.

For at least the past month and a half, our Burlington pickup games have been played on nothing but various flavors of snow covered fields. From ice, to crusty snow, to slush, to soft powder, ultimate frisbee on snow offers some very unique challenges to standard bare grass or turf fields. In most cases, cutting is nearly impossible, speed and acceleration are diminished, and slipping and falling is inevitable. Of course, layouts are significantly more frequent. Today was no different.

It was cold, it was windy, but it was ultimate.

Ultimate Statistics (since January 2008):
Total Games Played: 2
Total Hours Played: 4

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